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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I search?

What do the green dots next to a results item indicate?
The green dots were introduced to allow easy identification of new items. Three green dots indicate new items since last page update. Two green dots indicate items that were new on the last page refresh. One green dot indicates items that were new 2 refreshes ago. If you refresh your page 3 times in succession, all green dots will likely disappear.

I keep getting too many returned items that I don’t want. What can I do to prevent this?
There are two main ways to eliminate false matches. By using upper and lower price boundaries, you can eliminate unwanted matches since you know approximately how much you are willing to spend. The other method is to use “negative” searches. Negative searches remove items that match a certain term. i.e. a search line ‘Table –Patio’ will search all tables and remove patio tables. Unfortunately, this feature is not available with kijiji.

How do I search for stuff across a region?
Because search scopes have been setup in a hierarchy, it is possible to select a top level like a State or Province and the search will be applied to every city in the region. This is difficult to do without a tool like

I don’t like searching kijiji or craigslist at same time. I only want to search one of the sites.
By default, searches both kijiji and craigslist. This can be disabled for a session by modifying preferences or on individual searches by selecting “Search Engine”.

What is the ineedadeal advantage?
For an antique collector or the person looking for the next cheap event, ineedadeal will make it easy to check your next deal.

What are email notifications?
Email notification is a feature of ineedadeal that allows a user to keep up on new matches to search criteria. The basic notification service will search every 24 hours and notify via email of all matches.

How does it Work?

How does work? uses query methods directly against sites like kijiji and craigslist so you always get current information. The advantage of is that you can save your search terms in sessions that can be easily referenced later. This is less time consuming than accessing the sites directly if you have multiple search terms or locations.

Are there alternatives to
Other solutions exist that are called “readers” for kijiji and craigslist. The differentiator for is the flexibility to use from a computer and a mobile device like an iphone, Blackberry, or other PDA.

What is a session in
A session is a page of search terms that is created by a user of A session is referenced by a unique url (browser address) that will maintain that group of search terms. By bookmarking this url, you can easily check for updates by clicking on the bookmark. During downtime like on the bus or in a lineup, you can check for new entries very easily.

I used before and I don’t have my session. What do I do?
When a session is created, there is an optional PIN or email address that can be filled in. If you remember your PIN, you can easily retrieve your information. If you left these fields blank, you will just have to create another session. Note that a PIN and email can be modified in Preferences.