- The perfect search tool for finding that deal!


The Advantage

  • Search multiple terms simultaneously
  • Save search terms in a session that can be referenced at a later date/time
  • Search kijiji and craigslist together at the same time
  • Easily view and modify your search from a computer/PDA/iphone/Blackberry
  • New and updated sale items can easily be identified (green dots next to entries)
  • Create state/province wide searches very easily (craigslist and kijiji limit to city searches)
  • Create multiple search sessions
  • Viewable results from your phone/PDA/iphone/Blackberry

  • is a tool that allows anyone to search for sales, jobs, and services by a set criteria. Currently, the searches are limited to kijiji and craigslist postings. By creating a unique "session", it is possible to search for deals with a simple refresh of a webpage. Many topics and/or regions can be set up in a session to make searches easy. This tool is perfect for collectors or anyone that can wait for the perfect deal or opportunity. This is a free no obligation service that simply needs you to create your own session that you can tailor to your searching requirements.

    Information stored in a session should be treated as public domain. Proper security has not been implemented for session information. This has been done to avoid the need for a login to identify a session. Instead, a unique url is used that can be viewed and modified by anyone with the url information. Email information, if entered is not viewable at any time after session creation. The email address is used to retrieve session information only.